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Creative Zen: Miniature MP3 wonder & Gigaworks T40…

Introducing the Gigaworks T40. The smallest offering of premium sound in a 2.0 speaker setup. Right here in singapore. We’ll be pairing up these speakers with the Creative Zen for a joyride of musical euphoria and some video-watchi ng fun! These rather-huge speakers brandish a new midrange-tweeter-midrange design for an audiophile listening experience. Packing 40watts RMS (almost twice the wattage from its predecessor the T20), the T40 provides sufficient oomph for movies and music – all in the elegance and convenience of two slim-profiled speakers.

The Zen comes with two software for use with your computer – the Zen Media Explorer and ZENCast organizer. With the Zen Media explorer you can transfer music, photos and even playlists, and convert videos for use in your player. The Zen Media player is also drag ‘n’ drop capable.

We tried to convert a video , and it worked perfectly fine on the Creative Zen. No distortions, jerks or artifacts whatsoever. Video playback was smooth and unprecedentedly good.

Many might find the Zen similar to the Meizu miniplayer , and for that, we placed the two players together for a brief physical comparison. The only differing factors are a better screen for the Creative Zen (16.7million vs. 262k, hooha!), the lack of a touch-sensitive navigational pad and the shiny mirror for vainpots behind the player.. The Zen is also slightly thicker than the Meizu.


The Zen would be a very nice addition to the Creative lineup of Mp3 players, with its excellent form factor, its SD-card (with SD-HC support) expandability, and great video playback capabilities (I just have to reiterate, fantastic screen for a PMP!!!), it would be hard to find fault save the fact that the player only came in Black. Other functions like support for AAC formats coupled up with iTunes support just adds more icing to this already creamy cake. The huge range of accessories that Creative rolled out together with the Zen is another plus, not to mention that they’re inexpensive as well.

The T40’s belted out very decent mid-tones, and held its ground in the low-frequency bass department despite being a 2.0 speaker setup. The highs were less than stellar though, with minute detail loss evident especially in vocal tracks. The speakers does fine on musical tracks though. Overall, the T40s are definitely an improvement over its predecessor, while being almost 50% bigger and SGD$ 90 (USD$ 58) more than the T20, one might be slightly disappointed as the improvement heard on this set of speakers isn’t proportionate to the increment in the pricetag and size…

However, the T40 is still a very decent set of speakers considering the amount of bass it pumps out with the lack of the subwoofer, definitely not enough for bassheads to get their fix, but for those who’s having a bit of space constraints placing a subwoofer that comes typically with a multimedia 2.1 setup there, the T40 becomes the natural choice even with though it’s slightly pricey.


For the Zen player!


For the Gigaworks T40!


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