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Creative Zen Stone Plus + Travelsound Stone Combo!

The Travelsound, notice the audiojack? It’s streamlined to fit the Zen Stone/Stone Plus accurately. The speakers can function either passively without batteries or actively amplified with the aid of 2xAAA batteries, which is the only power source that this compact speakers could take.

The Zen Stone sitting comfortably in Travelsound

The back of the Travelsound with the 2x AAA batteries compartment and a plastic stand

Switch with LED indicator

Close-up on Audiojack


 After two weeks with this combo, Here are my after thoughts:

FM Radio

The reception is very week and it’s almost useless in most cases

Music Quality

Music Quality is ok, something that you will expect from any decent MP3 players.

Travelsound Zen Stone

Good sound quality, nicely amplified with power from batteries. The rubber grips securing the Zen Stone Plus in place might wear off with time or drop off due to excessive friction.

– Features

Menu is laggy but I’m just being picky. You might have to refer to the manual as some of the features takes quite some time to figure out, such as setting the dates and such.

Overall, the Zen Stone Plus is one of the best MP3 players for sports, jogging & cycling etc. The improvement Creative made on the Plus over the origian Zen Stone is impressive, just with the addition of an additional OLED screen. With that many features all encapsulated in the Stone plus, perhaps the only other con of the player is the size; you might lose it without even knowing it…



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