The player itself, 5 simple buttons on the player’s front, the play, forward, back and volume + & – buttons. On the left, you can also see the indicator LED, which shows the status of the player. Blinking Green means file is transferring or playback in progress, Steady Green means playback is paused, Blinking Red for low battery level, Steady Red means playback is paused & low battery level, and Orange is an indication of battery level during charging, 1 blink for below 25%, 2 blinks for 25-75%, 3 blinks for 76-99% and steady orange for full charged


The back of the player with some basic information and the mini-USB connector by the side.

The top of the player with a reset button, switch between normal and shuffle mode. You can also skip folders by pushing the switch towards the green icon and releasing it.

The basic accessories provided, just a normal earphone and a USB cable. No earbuds are provided in this sample.