Now enough of the techie stuff, let’s take a look at the
packaging and the looks of the player itself.

I would say Creative is really putting in a lot of effort into
it’s product packaging. The box looks elegant and more professional compared
to some of the other products from Creative. Do take note that there are actually
different packaging for different colors for the Zen Vision : M. All in all
there are 3 colors available, black, white and green.

The back of the box. The usual technical stuff in various

Now this is something fresh. When you tilt the black box to it’s right,
another white box will slip out of the black box. Unnecessary yes, but to me
it’s just Creative playing artsy, boring a shallow hole into the Zen philosophy…


Lifting the lid of the white box reveals the player and the headphone. Packaging
looks nice and secure with the black sponge to absorb shocks.


Taking out the player and the earphones and removing the black
sponge reveals the other portion of the box. As you can see, there are actually
2 boxes inside. The smaller box is where all the physical cables and power connectors
are stored. The bigger box is where the user manual and the CD which contains
the software are stored.

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