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CreativeX Online Store goes LIVE!

CreativeX went LIVE today. With such a service, shopping will never the same as before for Creative products. Read the full article and see what Creative has to offer to the Singapore population.

As disclosed by Creative’s CEO Mr Sim to VR-Zone, they will be launching an online store (virtual CreativeX showroom) on 12 Sep 2003. I did a check on Creative Singapore’s website during the afternoon and found the store up and running. In the hype of the current Creative Warehouse Sale, i think its appropriate for VR-Zone to try out their new system and report our findings to our readers. Here’s a screenshot of how it looks like.

To Singaporeans, time is money. The purpose of this online store is to serve customers who want to make a purchase at their own comfort without leaving their house. Prices will be the same as the discounted price in the CreativeX showroom.

The store only offers payment via VISA credit card right now. All prices are inclusive of 4% GST and there will be free delivery for orders above S$ 500. Read about the full terms & conditions here.

I think what concerns most people will be the delivery charges when you buy online from Creative.

Inspire 5.1 Digital 5700
S$ 15.75
S$ 10.50
S$ 10.50
Chinese SW “Ming Ming Hui Jia”
S$ 7.35
SB Audigy ZS
S$ 7.35
MuVo NX 128MB
S$ 7.35

As you can see from the table, the delivery charges for a huge item like the Inspire 5.1 is only S$ 15.75. I think the cab fare from my house in the east to and fro CreativeX showroom will definitely be much more than that. Shopping online at CreativeX save you time and the hassle of having to carry the huge item yourself. Not forgetting the special discounted prices that CreativeX is offering to their customers.

What i hope Creative will add to their online shop will be a “RESET” function to return all the quantity back to “0”. Payment methods should also cater to cash payment at the doorstep and also further expanding their credit card options like Mastercard and American Express. Otherwise, its a nifty lil shop for “lazy” users like me.

Overall, the shopping experience online with CreativeX is pretty smooth and fast-going. Only 3 steps to finalising your order. I don’t own a VISA card so i guess ordering from the CreativeX store is out for me. I really want to give their delivery and customer service an evaluation but I guess I can’t do that for the meantime.

So what do you think about this online store ? We want your feedback here

Visit the shop now @ http://creativex.creative.com

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