The creator behind the original X-Com, has praised the new XCOM: Enemy Unknown for being both addictive and absorbing.

When Firaxis Games set out to create a new game in the classic Microprose series X-Com, the biggest worry was likely to whether they'd end up disappointing fans of the original. Jake Solomon, lead designer of the new game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is one of those fans, and even he isn't certain whether he and his dev team have managed to capture the feel and appeal of the original game.

This is the new game…

…and the original


However, it seems a bit of official word on the subject is in, as X-Com's original creator Julian Gollop, has praised the new game in a recent Eurogamer article: "I think Firaxis has done a great job… The game is addictive and absorbing, not to mention quite challenging on the classic difficulty setting." Solomon responded with praise for Gallop too: "That's good, man. The guy's a legend. It's a weird situation. You know he's still out there, you know he's going to end up playing it – and you just admire the guy so much."