2 Crucial Ballistix DDR2   533 Review

The Crucial Ballistix line comes in two different flavors, DDR2 533 and DDR2 667. On the DDR 667 front, the Ballistix line has the fastest memory timings as well, running at 4-4-4-10 on their PC-5300 parts. We’ll be testing out the Ballistix DRR2 533 memory, which runs at 3-3-3-10.

5 Crucial Ballistix DDR2   533 Review

Almost every manufacturer of “high end” memory puts heatspreaders on their DIMMs, with the Ballistix line no different. Crucial outfits the their Ballistix series with an aluminum based orange colored heatspreader.

1 Crucial Ballistix DDR2   533 Review

Intel’s newest chipsets are Dual Channel Enabled, so for maximum performance, you should get matched DIMMs. Crucial does not sell their memory in matched form yet, but we are reviewing two identical modules.


4 Crucial Ballistix DDR2   533 Review

We’ll be testing the memory on ABIT’s popular AA8 motherboard, based on Intel’s 925x chipset.