The most anticipated game of the year has finally arrived! We do a quick performance runthrough and use the built-in timedemo facilities.

Quick Observations/Notes:

Still no DirectX 11 support

Day 1 Patch used

Uses 3-4 CPU threads hovering around 70% – doesn't scale with CPU after 3ghz

Near 100% GPU usage – scales linearly with shader clocks/memory bandwidth.

FOV options can be changed in console/launch command line (default 55 degrees)

We will provide a more in depth review and include more system configurations during the next few days after the game launch on the 22nd March 2011, and hopefully include DX11 numbers when available.

Hmmm…. the way its meant to be green?!!

Graphical Settings are now renamed to High, Very High and Extreme.

Additional options like details and antialiasing can be specified at launch/in the drop-down console.