Crytek has announced that when THQ auctions off the Darksiders IP next month, they will be making a bid to acquire it.

After THQ went bankrupt, it began auctioning off all of its IP’s, and next month, they’ll be putting Vigil’s Darksiders up for bid. In an interview with Destructoid, Vigil’s co-founder and Crytek USA’s Ryan Stefanelli rather openly declared that Crytek would be making a bid for the franchise during the auction. Stefanelli stated that the team was excited about the prospect of acquiring the IP.

Death was the protagonist of Darkiders II


The most prominent reason for Crytek’s interest is likely that which Crytek USA’s CEO David Adams tweeted recently: He and many other Crytek employees originally worked at Vigil, and that they want the franchise to be “at home with its creators”


For fans hoping to see the next title in the series, this must be good news: Having a franchise taken over by those who helped create it will ensure some semblance of the original artistic vision remains. Whether Crytek will actually win the bid remains to be seen, so keep your hopes up.