Luckily for Kickstarter backers, Cryptozoic Entertainment (CE) will pick up the slack for The Forking Path (TFP), and will deliver the promised Lovecraft-themed board game.  The Doom that Came to Atlantic City board game project received nearly $123,000 from Kickstarter backers, but, according to the creators, clashing of egos and poor management of the funding resulted in the cancellation of the project.


Backers were basically left with the imprint of a middle finger and no refund from TFP, and we suppose that was the end of the story, but it wasn’t.  CE, which recently also published popular board games like Batman: Arkam City Escape, decided to go ahead and spend some cash to deliver the promised Kickstarter goods to backers.

CE states that they are not taking responsibility for TFP’s recklessness, and that the company just felt that “they are simply doing what they can to make things right for gamers who have suffered because of it.”


Whether or not it’s  just a pure act of being a Good Samaritan or an extremely tactful marketing scheme, it doesn’t matter as long as backers aren’t being left stranded.  The physical board game industry is suffering heavily due to the rise in digital alternatives, and any good press for a publisher will undoubtedly bring about some good karma for it in the long run.

Source: cryptozoic