One of our eagle-eyed vrforumer xuejia22 spotted this amazing S$999 offer from Carrefour for an Alienware M14x (usual SRP S$2499) which was repeated in numerous advertisement placements in the TODAY newspaper and signboards at the Singapore EXPO show hall (Carrefour Mega Expo Sale). Alas when he and a horde of bargain hunters rushed in after the show doors opened yesterday, they were denied when they tried to purchase it. Will there be a happy ending? Read on for more…


Quick Summary/Facts:

Carrefour had advertised in multiple locations (TODAY newspaper advert, Posters at the Singapore EXPO exhibition hall, Pricetag on the display booth) that the Alienware M14x would cost S$999 at Carrefour Mega Expo Sale

Upon purchase, misled buyers were told that the S$999 price was actually for the Alienware M11x and that the M14x would actually cost S$2,499

Staff scrambled to change the pricetags.

According to xuejia22, Carrefour management will be honouring the $999 price to the 13 persons protesting about the alleged bait and switch – but will only do it after this PC Show weekend.

Will there be a happy ending?


TODAY Newspaper Carrefour ad

Close up

Poster outside the HALL



Angry Mob