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Custom ROM for Galaxy Gear allows it to connect to any mobile device

The first custom ROM for the Galaxy Gear brings a lot of interesting features to the smartwatch.

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One of the best features of Android is the availability of custom ROMs, which bring added functionality and much more utilities than what a manufacturer usually includes. This is the case with the custom ROM that has been released for the Galaxy Gear, called Null.

The custom ROM roots the smartwatch and gives users access to the bootloader. The ROM is based on stock Android and includes Nova Launcher. Null allows users to search the web using the Galaxy Gear, and also install third party applications.

Gear 5

Added functionality includes Bluetooth tethering as well as Bluetooth pairing with all devices, meaning that users will be able to connect the Galaxy Gear to non-Galaxy mobile devices. A native e-mail client is added in, along with calendar and contacts sync. The ROM features a browser and gallery that have been taken from CyanogenMod 10.2, and increases the video recording limit to 60 seconds. There is also a new weather widget, along with the ability to add live backgrounds.

Null also comes with a full-fledged Settings utility, and gives users full access to Google’s Play Store. For instructions on how to download and install this custom ROM, click here.


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