LG Optimus 7

The new Windows Phone 7 offers almost all the features you need, though currently, it does not have cut-and-paste function. Well, if you are the sort of user who uses that function often, good news. According to a Microsoft executive, the cut-and-paste feature is scheduled to be available to Windows Phone 7 users by January next year.

The recently launched Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is fast, has a nice user interface and various features you will find on most smartphones on the market today. However, it does not have cut-and-paste function. It seems rather weird that the software giant did not include the function for the phone at launch, though the Windows Phone 7 also did not support Adobe Flash, tethering and full multi-tasking.

According to a Microsoft executive’s blog posting, cut-and-paste should be available on Windows Phone 7 in January 2011. Other addition features are also said to be coming soon next year. In case you didn’t know, the Apple iPhone also did not have cut-and-paste feature when it was first launched.

Source: eWeek