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Cute cat caught smuggling cell phone into Russian prison

A prison cat in Russia has been caught for smuggling a cell phone into jail.

Hiding goods such as drugs and weapons in a person’s body cavity is a thing of the past as innocent-looking felines are the next wave of smugglers to hit the prison yard.

The cat, which calls the prison its home, climbed over the prison fence, and was well on its way to delivering the good if the prison guards weren’t around to catch the cat-crook.  According to the local press, prisoners who are set free, pack up their belongings as well as would-be smuggler pets (in this case, the cat), and hand off the animals to dealers on outside.  Once in the possession of the dealer, the animal is then strapped with the detainee’s desired goods, and the animal is let loose to go back ‘home.’

Authorities are still in the process of trying to figure out where and how these prison pets are being trained.  An incident in Brazil earlier this year produced the same scenario when a cat was spotted delivering cell phones, batteries and chargers to their pals on the inside.

Currently, the cat is detained, and its punishment for aiding a prisoner is unknown.

Source: cnet
**Note: Cat (pictured in this article) is not the culprit.


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