For many Android handset owners, CyanogenMod may have helped to transform once cumbersome handsets into devices that are worthy of an owner.  Calling CyanogenMod ‘popular’ is an understatement as for most Android enthusiasts the custom ROMs have become somewhat of an essential.

On Monday, we found that CyanogenMod had been downloaded over 5 million times, with the numbers still climbing by the thousands each day.  The ROMs of course are much more valuable to the Android modding community, as many developers use CyanogenMod ROMs as a foundation for building ports for devices that aren’t officially supported. 

Carriers branded Android handsets often come with a lot of bloats, and with the OS not optimized, even if the hardware are outstanding.  To get the most of out of their handsets, people often turn to the modding communities for tweaks and customized ROMs.

If you own an Android smartphone that’s beginning to annoy you in terms of performance and usability, consider checking out CyanogenMod.  However, keep in mind that any unsupported ROM swaps or modding done on a smartphone will likely void your warranty.  If the devices aren’t under warranty anymore, then CyanogenMod may help breathe some life back into them.

Source: cyanogenmod via briefmobile