Gigabyte has got their very own new android powered cellphones out, each targetting users of different budgets and needs.

We also saw the S1080 slate device which was installed with Windows 7 operating system. Unlike many other tablet devices, this model actually aims to give users a longer battery life but at the same time give the performance good enough for daily computing. USB ports are to be found on the system, as seem in the photo a USB keyboard can be attached to it.

If you think this is a desktop computer PC, you can't be more wrong. This computer system is actually powered by Gigabyte's T1125P, a fully convertible tablet which is armed with a powerful Intel Core i7 processor. With the help of a docking station, it transforms itself into a full fledge desktop pc.

A closer look at the Gigabyte T1125.


The Gigabyte P5232 laptop boasts 5 speakers to give gamers a surround sound experience!