Intel’s X99 chipset along with the Haswell-E refresh won’t be arriving until September, but you can already buy DDR4 sticks from one vendor in Japan.

dd41 DDR4 RAM spotted for sale in Japan

The DRAM standard is finally getting a long overdue refresh, and the first motherboards and processors that support the protocol will be appearing in the fall. As VR-Zone has previously reported, Intel will be first with a platform that supports DDR4 with its X99 chipset.

For those who really want to get their hands on a (currently unusable) DDR4 stick, a computer store in Japan has already began selling the modules in 16 and 32 GB variants for approximately $350 and $685 respectively. Yes, there’s a sticker shock but that’s the fee for early adopters.

dd43 DDR4 RAM spotted for sale in Japan

dd44 DDR4 RAM spotted for sale in Japan

dd47 DDR4 RAM spotted for sale in Japan

The modules are made by SanMax, with SKHynix supplying the memory chips.

DDR4 supports a much faster transfer rate of 2133–4266 MT/s compared to its predecessor’s speed of 800 to 2133 MT/s. DDR4 will also include more pins — 288 compared to DDR3’s 240 — and will have a power draw of 1.2V.

Intel’s IDF conference in the fall will likely be heavily focused on X99 and DDR4, so expect more information about the new memory standard then.

Source: Akiba PC Hotline