Dead Island: Riptide is the way that zombie-slashers should be, incorporating hours of tense frenetic action with a heart-wrenching story that takes players on a bloody adventure through their worst nightmares. 

From the hectic and satisfying action-packed combat to the interactive co-op, Dead Island: Riptide is a zombie-slasher done right. Techland's sequel provides hours upon hours of enthralling excitement that's packed with horror, terror, and signature drama, offering a distinctly terrifying experience that is a great fit for all horror fans out there.

The multitude of upgradable, moddable weapons provides immense fun to the game's challenging combat, packing a punch that's enjoyable from beginning to end. From start to finish, Riptide is riot of chaotic gore, in-your-face grisly action, and a suspenseful plot that incorporates traditional themes from the survival-horror genre.
Techland's sequel is a perfect fit for fans of the first game and will doubtlessly provide hours of entertainment for anyone who likes horror movies, as you feel as if you've walked into a B-movie that's drowned in gratuitous violence and grindhouse-y action. The skill trees along with the myriad of weapon upgrades and mods allow gamers to customize their characters to their specific playing style, and each new character offers a new adventure to be enjoyed time and time again.
The Verdict: 
Riptide takes Far Cry 3's tropical paradise and infuses its own brand of nightmare-inducing horror, while packing Left 4 Dead's multiplayer sentiments and Borderlands' randomized loot structure to bring yet another enjoyable chapter to the franchise.
+ Importing saves from first Dead Island game
+ Array of characters each with their own proficiencies
+ Addicting zombie-slaying action
+ Online co-op
+ Massive arsenal of deadly weapons
+ Mods & upgrades
+ Distinct horror-infused gameplay
+ Impressive RPG-like skill trees
+ Grisly yet beautiful environments
Can be challenging at times
Minor environment clashes
Graphics aren't anything special