Capcom’s PS4 exclusive is going to be exceptionally light on your wallet.


Deep Down, the procedurally generated dungeon crawling adventure from Capcom, is going to be a free to play title. Producer Yoshinoro Ono took the stage at the Tokyo Game Show today to announce the strange news.

The Playstation 4 exclusive is still a largely unknown entity, but all that we’ve seen so far seems to suggest a level of polish and detail normally associated with AAA titles. The news of the game going free to play raises even more questions about which direction Capcom is trying to take this new IP in.

Deep Down bears more than a passing resemblance to probably the most sadistic game on the current generation of consoles — Dark Souls. The gameplay elements, environments and the enemies all have that Dark Souls vibe to them. Take a look at the TGS trailer for Deep Down to see what the next generation of dungeon crawling action is all about.

An open beta for the game is scheduled in late February 2014, close to the launch of the Playstation 4 in Japan.