Dell is going private, and after today the company will no longer be traded publicly on the NASDAQ.


The world’s third largest PC vendor is back in the hands of its founder, Michael Dell, and his associates.  Earlier this year, Dell teamed up with Silver Lake and offered shareholders $13.05 per share in a deal that was worth $24 billion, plus a $2 billion investment from Microsoft.  When things were finalized, however, Dell and co. had to give shareholders $13.75 per share in addition to a dividend of $0.13 a share.

One can only make guesses as to what may change as Dell shifts from being a public to a private company.  The looming question for most is still probably this: How much can Microsoft impact Dell now that Redmond has taken a chunk of the pie?

Microsoft also recently acquired Nokia’s mobile division in its quest to compete with rivals in the smartphone space.  Like Nokia, Dell is also struggling—albeit, in a different segment—to maintain its footing in the fast-paced tech world.

Source: Dell