Consumer demand has reached a state where it is no longer sufficient for an all-in-one PC to just eliminate cable nightmares and desktop area wastage. In addition, users are starting to want more powerful all-in-one machines which can serve as a versatile entertainment machine. VR-Zone puts Dell’s recently-launched Inspiron One 2310 all-in-one desktop PC under the scalpel to see if it has what it takes to satisfy the ever-growing needs of today’s consumers.

Remember how we once said that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all form factor when it comes to computers? It seemed that we were slightly off the mark in that assertion of ours: while it is still true that there is no such form factor (let’s not bring in the existing ATX and ITX standards), there is at least one universal PC design philosophy which is specially created to eliminate the two most common desktop PC issues: cable hell and wasted desktop estate.

Enter the All-In-One PC, which is probably well-regarded as the best compromise between both the notebook and desktop PCs. While it may not have the raw power of conventional desktop PCs which make use of standard commodity hardware, the All-In-One is usually well-regarded for its tightly integrated design which essentially eliminates the problems of messy cables and inefficient use of desktop space. And this advantage alone is sometimes more than enough to justify the cost of an all-in-one desktop PC as opposed to the traditional tower systems.

In this review, we put Dell’s recently-launched Inspiron One 2310 all-in-one desktop PC under the VR-Zone scalpel to see if it has the capability to meet the ever growing demands of consumers.

Before we get into the review proper, here is a quick list of the hardware specifications of our review unit:

 Dell Inspiron One 2310 All-In-One PC Hardware Specifications
 Processor  Intel Core i5-460M processor (2.53GHz, 2.8GHz onTurboBoost, 3MB L3 Cache)
 Chipset  Intel HM57 Chipset
 Graphics card  Dedicated AMD Mobility Radeon 5470HD(1GB GDDR3, GPU clock 750MHz, memory clock 800MHz)
 Operating System  Windows 7 Home Premium (x64 version)
 Display  23-inch LED-backlit multitouch compliant screen
 Memory  6GB DDR3 1333MHz SDRAM
 Hard Disk  1TB SATA hard disk
 Optical drive  Blu-ray combo drive
 Wireless  Dell Wireless 1501 (802.11n) WLAN half-height mini-Card
 Bluetooth  -N.A-