Dell is joining the many other companies currently investing into wearable technology, but with Google almost ready to ship, perhaps it’s already too late to join in.

As many other companies have been doing recently, Dell is looking into wearable tech. According to a report by The Guardian, they are especially interested in developing Smartwatches, and Dell have reported that their R&D department is focused on envisioning and creating the kind of technology we can imagine in five years’ time.

While this is a good idea in theory and seems to follow the general trend of technology companies these days, Dell seems to be a bit behind the curve. Google’s first wearable tech, Glass, is already prepping to ship, and reports say Apple is developing a smartwatch which may ship later this year.

If wearable tech does become a trend that finds widespread appeal, chances are Dell will not be at the forefront of innovation. One would hope Dell creates something really cool in their R&D department, but they may just end up with something derivative, like they did with PDAs. On top of that, Dell performed poorly in its last quarter, and with PC sales slipping, both for Dell and for the industry in general, the future may be uncertain.

Via TechCrunch