Looks like Dell has quietly killed their Mini 10 netbooks. If you go to Dell Online Store and try to search for it, you would either not find it, or find that the product is still listed, but no longer available for purchase.

Just a few years ago, netbooks dominated the portable computer market with their small form factor and affordable price tags. But that has changed with the increasing popularity of tablet devices, and the slim and stylish Ultrabooks which were launched recently. The netbooks have gone quiet and slowly becoming non-existent. According to a Dell's spokesperson, the product line is finished and the focus would be shifted to "thin and powerful" notebooks, which may mean that the company is also releasing their own line of Ultrabooks. With the entry-level netbook product line being killed off, it leaves the question on what would occupy in that place. Well, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is just weeks away, and perhaps the company would have some announcements on that.

Source: Techcrunch