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Dell launches Access program in Southeast Asia

In a world when consumerism reigns supreme, it is common knowledge that any company that does not make a serious attempt to connect and understand its customer base is not likely to remain in business for long. And it seems that Dell is only too aware of the importance of engaging with key influencers, for the company has taken yet another step to further reach out to the community with the launch of its new Dell Access program in a media event today held at the Art Trove. VR-Zone brings you the coverage.

Nowadays, it would seem that merely delivering great products that are capable of meeting customers' demands is no longer enough. Rather, today's consumers expect to be actively engaged as influencers who have a say in how a company's products should turn out, what features should be included into the final product, and so on. And it is clear that Dell is fully aware of the importance of engaging with the community, for the company has just announced the launch of its new Dell Access program which is designed to foster an exclusive community consisting of "brand advocates, influential media personalities and other key influencers to form a synergistic, passionate community that matters".  

Speaking at the event today was Dell's executive director for the consumer and SMB division for South Asia and Korea, Chue Chee Wai, who explained how Dell intends to make use of the new Access program to reach out to its community.

"Dell Access is all about forging long-term relationships with the media, professional bloggers and key influencers. Members of Dell Access can expect to be invited to programs such as events, showcases, private workshops and product demonstrations," he said, while adding that such events will serve as platforms for the company to engage with like-minded people, as well as exchange ideas and discuss market trends.

Unfortunately, Dell did not release any details pertaining to various aspects of its Access program such as the requirements (if any) to be met in order to be considered for admission into its exclusive inner circle yet. However, the company did announce that Access members can expect "a string of activities and announcements around the region in the coming months", so do check back for updates.

Last but definitely not least, here are a few pictures of the lovely ladies who were present at today's media event, which also served to double up as a showcase for Dell's various products such as its Streak and Venue mobile offerings, as well as its Alienware, Inspiron R, Vostro and XPS notebook lineups.

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