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Dell Mini 1018 Available For Sale in Singapore

If the popularity of netbooks are of any indication, it is apparent that the world has embraced the cheap, tiny, and low-power device as a suitable platform to satisfy their on-the-go internet desires. And Dell has introduced yet another such mobile computer to the local market: its new Mini 1018.

Netbooks may not be the most comfortable mobile computers to work with for extended periods of time, but there can be no denying that they shines in the specific tasks they were designed for: internet access and long battery life. And Dell is set to build on that reputation with its new Mini 1018 netbook.

According to Dell, the 10-inch Mini 1018 will be bundled with a single-core N455 Atom processor, 1GB of DDR3 memory, Wireless N capabilities and a 250GB hard disk, which should be sufficient to store large amounts of data and media content. In addition, Dell also claims that the Mini 1081 is capable of lasting slightly more than seven hours on a single battery charge and weighs below 1.4kg, which should allow for greater portability. Its graphical processing capabilities on backed up by the onboard Intel GMA 3150, a fairly standard onboard GPU found in such devices.

On the software wide, the Mini 1018 will be pre-loaded with Windows 7 Starter (32-bit version) and Skype to allow for making Skype video calls right out of the box.

The Mini 1018 is available for sale at Dell’s online store for S$499. However, it should be pointed out that, unlike the other laptops Dell also offers on the online store, the Mini’s hardware is not customizable.

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