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Dell Quietly Updates Online Store With IPS Panel-Totting ST2220T Touchscreen Monitor

With multitouch being such a huge deal on smartphones and mobile Internet devices, it should be no surprise that developers and OEMs are keen to put that same functionality on a desktop PC where possible. And at least one OEM thinks that desktop multitouch is a good idea: Dell has just updated its product page to reveal that the multitouch-capable, IPS panel-totting ST2220T monitor is now available for sale. Ready to spend that stash of Christmas money which you never got a chance to use last week?

Ever since OS X first debuted multitouch support in its first Macbook Air, operating system developers have been scrambling in an effort to add in such features into the next iteration of their operating system. The result is that Windows 7 now boasts built-in support for multitouch, while Linux distros are starting to see some rudimentary support via various kernel modules and the X.org display layer.

But even then, having such support means nothing if one does not have a device which is capable of taking advantage of these features. Fortunately, OEMs have been moving to respond to the new demand by introducing touchscreen monitors said to be capable of such features. And today, it appears that the choices for multitouch monitors just got a little better with Dell’s latest entry, the 21.5-inch ST2220T monitor.

At first glance, the ST2220T monitor appears to be nothing more than the typical touchscreen monitor sold by most OEMs in the market today. However, a quick look at its product page reveals that the ST2220T is more than what it seems, According to Dell, the ST2220T makes use of an A-frame which offers extremely wide tilting angles to suit a user’s specific needs and environment. In addition, Dell boasts a high dynamic contrast ratio of 50,000:1 for exceptional clarity and detail reproduction.

The real draw though, stems from the fact that Dell’s ST2220T touchscreen monitor does not make use of the standard twisted nematic panels found in most typical LCD monitors. Instead, the ST2220T sports premium IPS panels which are said to be vastly superior to twisted nematic panels in terms of accurate colour reproduction and viewing angles. Dell claims that the IPS panels used for the ST2220T are capable of viewing angles up to 178 degrees (vertical and horizontal) with response times as low as 8miliseconds with overdrive, so users are not likely to experience ghosting in most normal circumstances.

Of course, with such specifications, one would expect the Dell ST2220T to cost a small fortune. And the good news is that users will not have to sacrifice an arm or a leg to pay for the monitor: Dell’s website states that the ST2220T is currently available for sale at S$529, but online buyers get to enjoy a huge discounted price of only S$399. Which, when one thinks about it, is actually rather reasonable for a monitor making use of IPS panels. So if you are having a hard time thinking of what to do with that Christmas money of yours, here is a very good suggestion on what it could be spent on without having to suffer the wife’s wrath.

Source: Dell Singapore

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