About a month ago, rumors of a ‘U2711’ display from Dell started after someone discovered an information leak in one of Dell’s monitor accessories pages. The Dell AY511 Audio SoundBar page had a line that went ‘Compatible with … UltraSharp U2410 & U2711 monitors’.

Many wondered what panel would it be, and what resolution would it have. Some suggested that it should follow the one in Apple’s latest 27″ iMac. Well, we’ve managed to dig out a little more information. Read on for the full details.

We found a driver released by Dell themselves (DELL_U2711-MONITOR_A00-00_R247058.exe) , dated 30th November 2009 on their own Support site.

Upon taking a look at the driver files, it is noted that the U2711 has:

– VGA output
– DVI output
– HDMI output
– DisplayPort output

And the resolutions of the panel:




It’s probably firm that the panel on the U2711 would be the same one found in the 27-inch iMac.

That display is a LG LM270WQ1 16:9 IPS panel with LED backlight, and has a massive 2560 x 1440 resolution.