Delta Airlines has announced that by early 2013 its fleet of international aircraft will have internet connectivity through the use of Ku-band satellites.

Delta has announced that they will begin offering their in-flight internet service on their fleet of international aircraft, encompassing roughly 150 aircraft including models such as the Boeing 777, 767, transoceanic 757, 747, and the Airbus 330. The satellite-provided service will begin operations on the planes in early 2013, complementing existing air-to-ground service already in place for domestic flights.

Delta Airlines, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is among the largest WiFi-enabled aircraft providers in the world, with over 3,000 daily flights connected to the web. These flights include the entirety of its domestic fleet, some 550 mainline aircraft, and more than 250 additional aircraft, including all of their Delta Connection regional jets.

Delta’s WiFi portal, called “Delta Connect,” provides free access to real-time travel information, news from The Wall Street Journal, People magazine, and other services, including (from March). The new international service will use high-bandwidth Ku-band satellites for internet coverage. Scheduled for 2015, when the rollout is complete, Delta plans to be operating roughly 1,000 WiFi-capable aircraft in its fleet.