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DEMO Fall 2012 Day 1: products and concepts that may catch on

DEMO Fall 2012 in Santa Clara, CA brought together a collection of entrepreneurs; some with a readied products, some with a concept, and some with nothing more than just a vague idea about what they want to do.

It goes without saying that many of these products and ideas will fail to gain the interest of potential investors and the media.  There are a few, however, that do manage to spark some type of interest amongst the attandees.

The first round of interesting concepts and products we found at DEMO Fall 2012 range from full-blown cloud solutions to a dating site that's still figuring out its identity.  How these startups succeed remain to be seen, but for now lets just take a quick glance at what they have to offer.

First off is greenqloud.com, an evironmentally conscious IT company.  The Iceland-based IT company promises that their servers run on 100% renewable geothermal and hydro energy, and therefore, greatly reducing the carbon footprint that's generated by the power hungry datacenters.

Next is an online dating site that promotes the the idea of speed dating without ever having to leave your home.  Seek.ly allows people to seek out relationships quickly and easily, and the idea behind it is: "Why waste time and money to physically meet someone for five minutes, when a video conference call allows for the same thing?"

While we're on the topic of relationships and social networking, the next interesting startup is called threadmatcher.com.  Threadmatcher intends to connect people through fashion.  Forget about asking him/her what their favorite color is, just check out their wardrobe.

(MyUbe's Smart Dimmer running Android OS)

Connecting with people is a must in today's world, but what about connecting you to your home?  MyUbe ("yoo bee") seeks to integrate your home electronics into your smartphone.  Using the open source Android OS, MyUbe developed various adaptors that lets you link your gizmos and everyday appliances to your smartphone.  Functionalities such turning on/off the lights and changing the channels on the TV become manageable from a single device.  It's a universal remote, literally.

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