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DEMO Fall 2012 Day 2: DEMO Gods and the best of them

Many came, but only a few were crowned as DEMO Gods.  After two days of pitching and demoing, attendees voted on which innovative ideas and products they liked best.  Neumitra’s Bandu, Neurotrack, Electnext, Ecolek’s Birdeez, and Flinja won the titles of DEMO Gods, but the most coveted prize, the $1 million in IDG advertisement package, went to MyUbe.

Neumitra’s Bandu is a watch that monitors your body’s stress level by gathering data based on skin conductance, movement, and temperature.  If the watch notices that your body has reached a certain threshold, it will ask you to de-stress via various recreational activities such as playing a song or a game.  There’s also an app that can interact with the watch to deliver customizability such as a self-written stress notification message. 

Neurotrack is a sophisticated diagnostic test that surveys eye movements to diagnose Alazheimer’s three to four years before a symptom can be seen.  The test involves an individual sitting in front of a computer screen with eye-tracking devices monitoring eye movements as the person looks at novel and non-novel images.  Based on the amount of time the person spends looking at novel vs. not so novel images, Neurotrack can provide a prognosis.

Electnext doesn’t make a product that detects stress or diagnose a disease.  Rather, Electnext is a web platform that helps people to engage in political issues that matter most to them.  Once a person engages in an issue, he/she can make a rating, browse users comments, and post his/her own opinions on the topic.  Civic duties are often boring and unattractive to many people, but maybe Electnext can help to change all that.

Politics is one of those things that can stress a person to the point where a disease can develop.  So why not escape the pressures of society through nature?  Ecolek’s Birdeez is an app that encourages bird lovers to delve more into their interests with a mobile app that can identify different kinds of birds using various criteria that the user inputs. 

Once you’re done bird gawking with Birdeez, it's back to reality—that is, almost everyone needs a job at some point in their lives.  Flinja is a job search platform dedicated to people who are currently within the academia systems.  Meaning, you need an .edu email account to browse and post jobs.  This is perfect for desperate college students who need make a few extra bucks to stay alive while studying to become the next Warren Buffett.

Buffett is rich, and so is MyUbe, now that they won the “People’s Choice” award.  The prize for sparking the most interests out of the DEMO attendees is a $1 million IDG advertising package.  MyUbe has various outlet adaptors and plugs that connects and let you control your home electronics and gadgets from your smartphone.  For a startup, $1 million in advertisement is just as good as cold hard cash.

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