Japan’s leading mobile social gaming platform operator DeNa and Walt Disney company have jointly announced that they will be bringing mobile social games to users worldwide, through DeNA Group’s Mobage social gaming platform.

Dena and Walt Disney have recently launched their first jointly-developed social game, Disney Party, last week in Japan, which serves over 35 million users in the country. The two companies planned to launch their second title "Disney Fantasy Quest" today and the third title based on Marvel Comics characters this summer. According to reports, localized versions of Disney Party, Disney Fantasy Quest and the Marvel-based title are also scheduled to launch after July on the Mobage networks outside Japan – in North America, Europe, China and South Korea. The three titles will be DeNA’s first jointly developed titles to be released outside of Japan and both companies are considering development of new titles for worldwide market in future.

Disney Party is a free-to-play social game for mobile phones and players can organize parties and decorate their interiors with various "gifts" that will attract Disney characters. When the characters pay visits, players can greet or take photos with them, which can be shared with other users. Optional virtual items are available for purchase though. Disney Fantasy Quest is a social card-collection game whereby players collect cards of popular characters from Mickey and Friends, princesses and other Disney series to compile “magic books” in a quest to make the world happier. The title is also free-to-play with optional virtual items for purchase. The Marvel-themed game is slated to be a free-to-play social card-battle game where players collect cards with Marvel characters developed by Marvel and fight against enemies.

Source: Japan Today