Bundled accessories are pretty much the standard DFI package,
with 2 rounded IDE Cables, 1 rounded Floppy Cable, 4 SATA Cables, 2 Molex-SATA
power connectors, 1 Karajan Audio module which you fit onto the board, the I/O
shield plate, the user manual, a SATA Driver Diskette and the Drivers/Utility


The lower portion of the motherboard.

2 PCI Express x16 slots with 2 PCI Express x1 slots in between
them. 3 PCI slots provide ample headroom for expansion, such as sliding in a
Creative X-Fi Sound card for better audio effects.


Unlike what you find on the nForce 4 chipset motherboards from
DFI, there is no electronic switches below the PCI Express slot. There is no
need for these as the DFI CFX3200 chipset supports dual x16 PCIE Lanes so there
is no need for switches to split up the Lanes into x8, x8.


You see that the ATi CFX3200 chipset is right above the ULi
M1575 southbridge chipset. During the running of the test setup, the CFX3200
chipset puts off very little heat, but because the ULi M1575 southbridge runs
rather warm, the heat inevitably spills over to the RDX3200 chipset right on
top of it… Thus, users may find that the chipset temperature reading from
the hardware monitor actually reporting a rather high temperature.

The ULi M1575 Southbridge core logic exposed