The motherboard comes in a pretty black box resembling a treasure
chest. I suppose you can call it the overclockers’ treasured possesion.

The bundled accessories are all packed inside the drawer of
the black chest:

Lo and behold, the board from Venus!


Do take notice of the board number right beside the CPU socket.
The last 3 digits are the board number. This is #922 board… as it is a special
limited edition, I don’t suppose there will be another #922 anywhere else.

This is how the board compares physically to its previous persona,
the DFI SLI Expert.

Venus on the left, Expert on the right

Basically the main changes are at the capacitors. The whole
board is lined with high quality capacitors instead of just the few on the SLI
Expert. Theoretically this should help stability during overclocking.

Let’s not waste time tarrying on the basic stuff and get down
to the geist of it all… the overclocking on this board.