DICE has something big for E3

DICE have been pretty quiet about how they run things and it’s this level of mystery that often keeps gamers guessing on what their next project might be. Today they decided to release a teaser, using their general-manager Karl-Mangus Troedsson, who has been mainly working on the Battlefield games.

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Troedsson doesn’t let too many clues go with what him or EA are up to at E3, but let’s us know there will be “a couple of surprises.” The video runs for less than a minute and nowhere is the term Mirror’s Edge 2 uttered. He does mention they are definitely “hard at work” on “Battlefield 4” but nothing else is teased. Early reports and accidental Help Centre features, have almost confirmed the title, but could just be extra teasing for an announcement later this year.


Overall, the video is well-edited and is about teasing the main E3 EA conference, which will air on SpikeTV next week. Internet audiences may be able to see the conference streamed live from either DICE or EA’s official channels. We’ll be bringing you up to date coverage starting next Monday.

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