After tornados hit Alabama in the U.S., many homes have been destroyed. For the survivors, losing precious memories adds insult to their injuries. A lady has found an excellent use for Facebook, digital "lost and found". Read on.

Patty Bullion, a mother-of-three lives in Lester, Alabama, near the border with Tennessee. Fortunately, her area was spared from the devastating effects of the tornado. Patty Bullion watched as the wind blew debris right into her backyard. family photos, a diploma, baby pictures, yearbook pages from a town miles away started accumulating in her backyard.

It was then that she felt that these items were memories which ought to be reunited with their owners and hence she setup a page on Facebook. "Pictures and Documents found after the April 27, 2011 Tornadoes," has been "liked" by nearly 50,000 people in just hours after it was setup.

Bullion said that at least 40 items have been returned to their owners so far.

Source:Discovery news


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