Digital-Tigers test hundreds of different components and offer only the industry’s top-of-the-line, professional-grade LCD and computer graphics technology. They integrate it all with their exclusive Zenview Manager software that fully extends Microsoft Windows for multiple monitors. Take look at some of their top notch stuff here.

Zenview Displays

It’s not likely that Digital-Tigers would be shipping me one of these setups to put through benchmarking and subjective testing but the company and hardware are impressive and bear a good looking over.

First, a little about Digital-Tigers:

Digital Tigers offers by far the most complete multi-monitor product line in the world. Their mission is to provide complete multi-monitor solutions that work together seamlessly — from multi-screen desktop displays (Zenview), to desktop workstations (Stratosphere), to notebook docking stations (SideCar), to multi-monitor software utilities (Zenview Manager).