Diotek handwriting recognition software for WinMobile

Korean mobile software manufacturer DIOTEK has launched their DioPen Cursive handwriting recognition software designed for Windows Mobile touchscreen devices. The software has multi-language support and can recognize print handwriting as well as a mixed use of cursive and print handwritings.

Seoul, July 31, 2009 — DIOTEK (www.diotek.com), Korea’s leading mobile software company, has released the DioPen™ Cursive handwriting recognition software for Windows Mobile 5/6-based touch screen devices.

DioPen™ Cursive is a very convenient software product that recognizes cursive handwritings of users and converts them into characters to input into devices. This product boasts high recognition rate for various cursive handwritings of Americans and Europeans. In addition, DioPen™ Cursive can recognize print handwriting as well as a mixed use of cursive and print handwritings.

Multiple lines written sequentially on the screen can also be recognized with the software. To improve the accuracy of recognition, letters not recognized correctly are corrected automatically with dictionary embedded in the program.

In particular, DioPen™ Cursive’s optimized user interface allows users to input characters correctly only with fingers without additional stylus pen. The entire touchscreen area can be used for handwriting without limitations on space and direction.

Currently, DioPen™ Cursive supports English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Italian. Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Dutch will also be supported soon.

DioPen™ Cursive can be purchased at DIOTEK’s global app store (English site: www.diotek.com, German site: www.diotek.com.de), and its free trial version can also be downloaded with no functional limitation for 15 days.

Source: Korea Newswire