Does Size Really Matters?

The current PC market sees a rise in demand for M-ITX solutions. But with the with ATX and M-ATX motherboards already flooded in the market , will going small means you have to sacrifice in performance? Read on to find out more.

 Does Size Really Matters?

As technology advances, the size gets even smaller. Recently there is a significant rise in the consumer trend of going small, even motherboards has shrunken its size from ATX to M-ATX, and now to M-ITX.

form factors Does Size Really Matters? 

Currently the market sees a flood of Mini-ITX solution motherboard on sale, ranging from the low powered Atom solution, to the more powerful Intel G41/G45/P55 chipsets or AMD 785G chipset which allows you to put in your favourite processor.

Now the question comes, with the shrink in size, would there be a trade off in performance sake? We shall find out.