In a recent interview Microsoft's own Don Mattrick talks about the company's reasoning behind the decision not to make the Xbox One compatible with older generation Xbox games.

"If you're backwards compatible, then you're really backwards."

–Don Mattrick, Interview with Wall Street Journal

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft's Don Mattrick touched upon the company's reasoning behind their decision to axe backwards compatibility with their next-generation Xbox One.

Besides the sizable technical difficulties surrounding compatibility between the two very different systems, there were other factors to consider as well such as the financial costs of the inclusion of backwards compatibility on the Xbox One:

"We created something that understands how to be performant for all scenarios and all combinations," Mattrick began.

"And because only a small percentage of customers play older games (5 percent, according to Mattrick), backwards compatibility is not a scenario worth Microsoft's investment and development costs."

This may seem quite troubling to gamers with an expansive library of Xbox 360 titles, however Sony has apparently also chosen to phase out backwards compatibility with their next-gen PlayStation 4 console and will instead incorporate previous generation titles to their digital marketplace.

In any case, the average gamer may disagree with Mattrick's statement, and more than a few gamers may feel a bit betrayed by Microsoft's decision not to pursue backwards compatibility.

Hopefully the gaming titan will make an effort to address this complication with plans similar to Sony's inclusion of digital titles, but only time will tell what–and if–Microsoft plans to do regarding older titles.

Via Gamasutra