Facebook Dislike

A malware scam is circulating on Facebook, and it comes as a “Dislike” button, a fake button to the popular social networking site’s “Like” button. The scam works when the recipient receive a notification that his or her friend has downloaded the “Dislike” button with a link to download.

For Facebook users, the thumb-up Like button is not a unfamiliar button. Regardless of what news or videos your friends have posted, you can choose to “like” the post. And this probably makes it an easy target for scammers. 

According to online sources, a malware has been circulating around that informs users that their friends have downloaded and use the official “Dislike” button, prompting him or her to go download theirs. This poses a huge security risk for users who believe in such scam. Facebook does not have a Dislike button, and if you don’t enjoy your friend’s post, then simply don’t click on the Like button.

Source: PC World