If you are reading this, then you are most certainly a Dota fan, and what do majority of Dota fans want to know? “When is Dota 2 being released?” Good news for you is that we finally have that information.

Dota 2

Very recently it has been revealed that the sequel for Dota will be coming out of its closed beta which will be available for free to all users. Not only that, but recently in an email by ValveTime the date window for the game’s release has been confirmed. Erik Johnson confirmed with ValveTime that Dota 2 is planned to be released this summer.

As of right now, you can get Dota 2 through an early purchase or through one of the beta keys that you might have in your Steam inventory. People might not see a full release as something spectacular right now but the fact is that the game’s release will definitely give a huge spark of interest after it releases. The release of the game would mean a lot of activity at The International which will be held in August. In case you don’t know, The International is arguably one of the biggest Dota tournaments–with a prize pool of over $2 (USD) million.

Reportedly, when the next two heroes – who are being called Abaddon and Legion Commander – are launched, that is when the game itself will be released.

Source: PocketGamers