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Download Windows Server 8 Beta and SQL Server 2012 RTM Final

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Keeping in line with its strategy of releasing public previews of their next-generation software, Microsoft has released public beta versions of their next generation operating system and SQL for the enterprise.

Even with all the problems around the development of the consumer version of Windows 8 for both X86 and ARM architectures, the development of enterprise software is going its course.

Windows Server 8 or potentially "Windows Server 2012" represents the next generation server operating system, succeeding Windows Server 2008 R2, while SQL Server 2012 will succeed SQL Server 2008 R2 database suite. In order to prepare for the public rollout of the enterprise software, Microsoft announced downloadable versions of the beta OS and trial version for the finalized, Gold version (RTM) of SQL server.

If you’re interested in downloading the software and checking how it fits your enterprise needs or just want to get your feet wet, you can visit the following websites to learn more and download the software.

Microsoft Windows Server 8 Beta

As the name states, Windows Server 8 shares a lot in common with Windows 8, but the two are quite different. Windows Server 8 is effectively the sixth generation of server operating systems (3.11 for Workgroups, NT 4.0, 2000, 2003, 2008) and with this one, Microsoft is heavily focusing on the virtualization and the cloud itself, as well as on building and distributing desktop and mobile applications. This is the first OS to fully integrate the virtualization features which began to appear with consumer and server versions of Windows 7 (Server 2008). Microsoft claims Windows Server 8 will be built not to crash, even when whole services go down. Only time will tell if they delivered the key features right.


Microsoft SQL Server 2012 RTM Trial

No doubt about it, SQL Server is the most used server in today's world and SQL Server 2012 looks to bring on numerous improvements since 2008 R2. One of key features is "AlwaysOn" technology that looks to keep both WS8 and SQL Server alive. According to Microsoft, this is the list of key features:

  • Deliver required uptime and data protection with AlwaysOn
  • Gain breakthrough & predictable performance with ColumnStore Index
  • Help enable security and compliance with new User-defined Roles and Default Schema for Groups
  • Enable rapid data discovery for deeper insights across the organization with ColumnStore Index
  • Ensure more credible, consistent data with SSIS improvements, a Master Data Services add-in for Excel, and new Data Quality Services
  • Optimize IT and developer productivity across server and cloud with Data-tier Application Component (DAC) parity with SQL Azure and SQL Server Data Tools for a unified dev experience across database, BI, and cloud functions


SQL Server 2012 is now available, while the availability of Windows Server 8 is expected during 2012.

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