Adding to the long line of remade games by Square Enix, Dragon Warrior IV: Chapters of the Chosen for the Android and iOS is finally revealed.


Last year, Square Enix made a big announcement. Plans were unveiled to release remade versions of Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest in Japan) I to VIII for the iOS and Android. So far, we have seen the release of Dragon Quest I and VIII, and soon, Dragon Warrior IV would get added to the list.


This new Dragon Warrior IV: Chapters of the Chosen remake is essentially a ported version of the 2007 remake of the same game for the Nintendo DS (which is actually also another ported version of an even earlier remake for the Playstation). This means that all of the added features and extensions in the story of the previous remakes will be included in the iOS and Android version.


Aside from the touch-optimized controls, the game’s speed/pace would also be promptly adjusted. A pause feature provides players the option to save their data anytime, anywhere, even when there’s no church nearby in-game.


Release dates and price rates are still left unannounced, but we expect it to arrive very soon.

Source: Square Enix (JP)