Demand for DDR chips in the spot market has
reemerged in early December as DRAM makers have stopped dumping inventory into
the spot market while SDRAM prices continue to drop. Spot prices for 256Mbit DDR
400MHz, 333Mhz and 266MHz chips dropped to below US$ 4.00 but demand for DDR
chips has reemerged. Traders have restarted building their inventories and
module makers have begun to gain orders from Europe and the US. The Taipei
computer show also helped to support the prices. However, prices may drop soon
since contract prices for the first half of December are likely to drop
dramatically. SDRAM prices continued dropping in the spot market. Prices of
64Mbit (4Mbit×16) SDRAM stayed at US$ 3.10 while 128Mbit (8Mbit×16) ones were
traded at US$ 3.35-3.50.


Nov 25

Dec 1


DDR 400MHz

US$ 4.06

US$ 4.03


DDR 333MHz

US$ 4.00

US$ 3.97


DDR 266MHz

US$ 3.99

US$ 3.96



US$ 5.69

US$ 5.65