You can dry ice cool your GPU and Northbridge as well. I went on a dry ice
fetish and decided to cool the CPU, Northbridge and GPU of my P4 Rig. Here,
you can see the CPU container on the left, the Northbridge container in the
middle, and the GPU container on the right.

The GPU container is made of aluminum as I could not find any square copper
pipes. It is welded together to form an “L” so that it will clear
the ram sinks on my video card.

I insulated it with foam.

You can see that there is a small hole near the bottom to form the “L”

On my video card:

I had to make an acrylic plate to go over my CPU container so that it will
mount onto a socket 478 CPU.

A dry test run of the set up:

The Northbridge and CPU container ready for action:

And then the GPU container goes on: