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Dual Channel DDR SDRAM Roundup

Corsair memory is built with high performance and overclocking in mind. By
featuring heatspreaders, very good PCB quality and the best of available chips
at the time, its one of the RAM modules with the best overclock abilities
available. Price reflects that though, they aren’t cheap. Lifetime warranty for
usage up to 2.75v is provided with these modules. The chips under the
heatspreader are Winbond BH-5 (5ns), which are among the best at this time.
However newer versions will be using CH-5 chips which don’t do so well with low
latencies. The rated timings for these modules are 2/6/2/2 at 200MHz, using
2.6v. They also come in twinpacks for better dual ddr operation.

Performance of these modules is exceptional for 200MHz rated
RAM. Although the Winbond BH-5 chips might need a little burn in period to be
stable at very high voltages, these did well enough under the pressure. Not as
well as their 256mb counterparts, but well enough. 256mb modules will usually
overclock better for a number of reasons. On a side note, the heatspreaders help
somewhat when voltage is set that high, but still are unable to really help. The
modules are blazing over 3.1v. Face it, heatspreaders are thin plates of
aluminum or copper, they aren’t real heatsinks so they do little to help with so
much heat. More extreme measures should be taken if these or any other modules
will be used with voltages far beyond the approved standard.

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