These RAM modules from Crucial are nothing special. Meant for the OEM market and
generic use, they don’t feature heatspreaders or boast low latencies. The
timings recommended by the manufacturer are 2.5/6/3/3. Of course the price
reflects that as well, they are considerably cheaper than most of their
competitors. These particular modules use Micron chips, which are quite rare to
find nowadays on modules but nevertheless these are proven to be good chips.

For very cheap memory, these modules do quite well. At low
latencies, at 2.6v it is unable to work at the rated speed, however it will work
at some lower speed that I didn’t bother finding out. They can keep low latency
settings with enough voltage and overclock higher if necessary. At 3.3v it
refused to post unfortunately. When using high voltages the loss of performance
again is either from heat or need of burn-in. Or I just had a bogus module!
Since those modules do not have any kind of cooling and do heat up a lot even at
stock speeds, I guess that heatsinks are needed on them to keep them a bit