The SDK for Microsoft's project Durango (Xbox 720) has recently been leaked onto VGLeaks, revealing many core features of the console such as it being "always online, always connected".

The SDK (Software Development Kit) for Microsoft's next-generation Xbox console has recently been leaked onto a website called VGLeaks, revealing many of the system's hardware specifications and features.

For months now, rumors have been circulating throughout the gaming world on possible specs, limitations, and integral features of Durango (Microsoft's code name for the console), and the recently leaked XDK (Xbox Development Kit) confirms many of the speculations and rumors.

One of the major features listed within the XDK's "Durango Hardware Overview" section is the confirmation that the console will be always online and always connected, a concept that we covered last month.

“Durango will implement different power states so that it can always be powered on, but will draw minimal electricity when not in use,” the overview begins.

“The console will be ready instantly when users want to play, and will always maintain a network connection so that console software and games are always current. 

With this “Always On, Always Connected” design, users will quickly and easily enjoy their connected entertainment experiences, with no waiting for the console to restart or install games.”

The overview also states that Durango will be shipped with a new high-fidelity Kinect sensor–which is required for the system to operate–and will also feature a Blu-ray disc drive, but it still may not support Blu-ray movie playback which folds into our recent coverage.

Additionally, the document revealed that all games on Blu-ray discs will have to be installed, and that Durango will not feature optical disc playback–yet players will still be able to play games as they are being installed onto the console. 

"Durango consoles will have a Blu-ray disc drive. Disc media will be used for distribution, but during gameplay, games will not use content from the optical disc. 

An installation system is being designed that will allow gamers to begin playing while the game is being installed on the hard drive rather than waiting until installation is complete."

This concept may have serious economical and personal implications, and it certainly seems to fit in with our coverage of the Xbox 720 blocking used and secondhand games, which will no doubt send a wave of agitation through the gaming world.

Via VGLeaks, Edge Online