Sales numbers, and a strong lineup of exclusives make Sony the console winner of E3 2014.

sony ps4 chinesevrzone E3 2014: For Sony, it’s hail to the king

Sony is used to playing the underdog. While the Japanese giant enjoyed dominance in the Playstation 2 era because of substantial lead time on Microsoft’s Xbox, and overall lack of interest from gamers for Nintendo’s GameCube, its success wasn’t replicated in the Playstation 3-Xbox 360 era. An expensive, hard to develop for console, coupled with a strong contender in the Xbox 360 had Sony in second place during most of that generation.

But times have changed, and Sony is in first place — something that hasn’t happened . In this generation, Sony had the opportunity to launch its console first. The Xbox One’s launch came later, and was plagued with a backlash from gamers over its DRM policies. Further, the launch was considered “soft” by many as the console launched without a compelling exclusive title nor a port of Grand Theft Auto V — in short, it didn’t have its Halo.

The numbers show it. According to a recent report by the Nikkei Asian Review, Sony has sold 18.7 million consoles in the last fiscal year and 7 million of those (up until the end of March) have been Playstation 4 consoles. In contrast, Microsoft has sold 11.6 million consoles in the same time period with approximately 5 million units sold. Nintendo has taken second place — pushing Microsoft down to third — because of continued interest in its portable systems. Despite the failure of the Wii U, Nintendo shipped 16.31 million units.

Sony is riding on this momentum at E3 with a strong lineup of exclusive games, such as Destiny, and a next-generation port of Grand Theft Auto V.

Check back tomorrow for complete coverage of Sony’s E3 announcements.

Source: Nikkei Asian Review