Come and join Mario’s beloved dinosaur on another adventure in a cute magical world of woolly strings.


So you think Kirby’s Epic Yarn is already cute and fluffy eh? Wait until you see Nintendo’s latest cutesy creation. Yoshi’s Woolly World takes us on another adventure with Mario’s iconic dino partner Yoshi. While the concept of Yoshi gulping enemies down remains the same, it has a lot of new and nifty game mechanics that we’ll all surely love and enjoy.

[youtube id=”6vR8EHatIIE” width=”620″ height=”360″]

As you might expect with a standard platformer, the levels and areas in Yoshi’s Woolly World are riddled with different obstacles and puzzles. But the most interesting points here are the ways that Yoshi interacts with this whimsical world of strings, and how the world itself behaves.

For example, you can pretty much gobble up certain sections of a level, take its strings, reveal hidden passages, and use that ball of string on something else. You can even entangle enemies by shooting gobbled up enemy string balls out of Yoshi’s mouth. Much like Kirby’s Epic Yarn, it looks like Yoshi’s Woolly World will treat us again with the same mix of cute, fluffy goodness and fluid environment interactivity. Oh, and there’s co-op play too.




Along with all the other games revealed at this year’s E3 Nintendo Digital Event, Yoshi’s Woolly World won’t be out until at least next year. But don’t worry, at least this one looks like it’s going to be slated for an international release.

Source: Nintendo